Andrew Does Hair

For the past decade Andrew has been aiming to offer unique value to his clients and for the past three years he’s been working toward raising the worth of barbers and stylists everywhere. For both causes he emphasizes the benefits of thorough men’s hairstyling. These efforts have given him opportunities to speak at trade shows, to teach in salons and barbershops around the country, and to work on set with high profile musicians and international models. His philosophies have also branched into ADH, a hair product line that puts more emphasis on a client styling lesson than on selling a product.

Andrew teaches that Good Hair Doesn’t Come From A Jar, and that the technician who teaches this will stand to build greater trust and relationships with clients who make their hair a high priority by offering something that lasts longer than a perfect haircut or a better jar of product, in a way that can not be downloaded or streamed, and in a way that the zenith of technical cutting or the most remarkable hospitality can not provide.