Joth Davies

Joth Davies entered the barbering profession nearly 30 years ago. In 2006 he opened his first shop and then his second in 2009. In 2014 both shops were merged into one and Savills was born. An image and an ethos, which he had had in mind since being a trainee hairdresser back in 1988! Joth himself designed and project managed the refurbishment of a stunning new 10 station Barber Shop and then moved both shops into it. With Savills he is proud to be creating something that is unique. A one stop man shop, created from antique and vintage fixtures and fittings which provides:

  • An above average traditional barbering and wet shave service.
  • An apothecary of grooming aids, hand picked for their results and unique appeal
  • Barbers for Life brand of in house designed barber apparel – aprons, tool rolls, clipper cases etc. with a hair styling product line launching this year.
  • A Training academy, attracting barbers from international locations to train within Savills complemented by our training teams conducting training seminars in locations around the world.

Joth has always credited his success as a barber to continuing to use and resurrect techniques that have been handed down through generations, using traditional tools and techniques to make someone look and feel as good as they possibly can. He is adamant in his assertion that customers will never forget what has been said to them.  The memory of the actual service may fade in time, but customers will never forget how they are made to feel.  He feels that you can only provide this extra level of service if you really love what you’re doing and in Joth’s opinion, that’s what makes barbering a craft.  Talented as he is, he recognises the importance of above average customer service and reinforces this constantly. Putting it simply, every haircut, beard trim and hot towel wet shave is an advertisement for his skills and that of Savills. In his own words ‘it’s about giving your best every time, if you’re not totally passionate about what you do it is better to do something else.’  This has resulted in a loyal following of both customers and fellow barbers, As a result of both his talent and personality, Joth is able to build a rapid rapport with anyone. Testament to this is the success of the training academy that he launched in June 2014.
As can be seen the popularity of the Savills barber training courses and Joth’s  reputation as a leading figure in barbering attracts attendees from all over the world. To date the chance to learn from Joth and his hand picked team has attracted learners from all over the world. He is also in demand to deliver training workshops and seminars abroad to large groups of barbers, eager to learn his techniques and share his best practice. All this has been achieved by the power of his reputation as a leading barber including his appearance on ITV’s This Morning earlier this year where he presented a piece on The Rise of the Barbershop with Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield.
Although based in Sheffield, Savills is rapidly growing a global following and reputation!